3 Steps for a Luminous Lift

We are all going through a lot at the moment, and the effects of this can shown on our skin. With this in mind, it’s important that we include ingredients and textures in our skincare routine that have the ability to support our skin’s natural resilience and restore its glow.

With 3 products designed to help all skin types, particularly unbalanced, challenged skin that needs a bit more support and nourishment right now, this new Pro-Collagen Definition Day Essentials collection is perfect to give your skin a luminous lift.

Read on for my top tips to make the most of this collection at home…

Step 1. Cleanse

The best way to begin your day is by ensuring your skin has the healthy start it needs.

Blended with over 90% natural oils, Nourishing Omega Rich Cleansing Oil has been formulated to help skin maintains its delicate acid mantle at its optimum pH level. Maintaining the correct pH level helps the beneficial microflora on the skin to be kept in balance, helping keep the skin healthy.

This lightweight oil can be used quick and easily in the mornings by massaging 1-2 pumps into dry skin and then adding warm water. The oil will melt into a luxurious milky lather that cleanses the skin, and you can even rinse it off in the shower to make life easier, revealing a clear and nourished complexion.

Come evening, it can be used to effectively remove makeup. It could be that on an evening when you have that little bit of extra ‘me time ‘ it’s the perfect choice as a first cleanse on a new double cleansing routine.

With Winter Rose oil, rich in Omega-9, skin-conditioning Chia seed and Pomegranate, this cleansing superstar ensures that skin is left looking healthy and radiant.

Step 2. Facial Oil

If you haven’t yet discovered the secret of layering a facial oil under your moisturiser, or you are trying to achieve new results, then this is the perfect time to experience Pro Collagen Definition Facial Oil.

This nourishing facial oil has been formulated using Raspberry plant stem technology. But before I talk ingredients, I want to talk about the lines of the face.

Horizontal lines, such as laughter lines, are emphasised by repeated expression. I like to call them “happy creases”.

Vertical lines, however, are from a lack of elasticity and volume in the skin and result in making the face look angry, sad or tired. These are most commonly the ‘marionette’ lines we see around the mouth or the 11’s – the deep furrows in between brows – which can make us look severe.

After cleansing and toning, massage 3-4 drops over the face and neck every morning and evening before serum and/or moisturiser. You can use any of your favourite night-time treatments over the top.

Step 3. Moisturiser

The final step in this routine, Pro Collagen Definition Day Cream combines powerful, hi-tech plant stem cells and Arjuna Bark extract to help skin feel firmer and tighter restoring the look of skin’s vitality. Moisturising and nourishing Starflower Oil and Lupin help improve the appearance of skin texture and tone as skin feels more resilient.

Apply a pea size amount after Pro-Collagen Definition Facial oil by warming between the palms and smoothing over the face.

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