Hydrating Aloe Mist

Hydrating Aloe Mist is the perfect way to replenish moisture and soothe skin with an invigorating, refreshing spray. Natural aloe and cooling menthol give skin a boost after a day in the sun or any time skin needs an added touch of luxury. Water based formula is oil-free and fragrance-free, allowing you to reap the benefits of moisturizing aloe without any sticky residue left behind on skin.


Code: 184573000404
How To Use

Spray onto hands and then apply product on the face with hand.
Spray generously to all areas of the body that will be exposed to sun.
Convenient 1 oz. travel size is perfect for a handbag, beach bag, backpack or airline carry-on, and are great to have for travel, sports events, outdoor parties, summer camp, weekend getaways and more.

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