Sunless Tanning Mist

The tan you love – rich , golden, gorgeous – and Winner of the Shape Beauty 2015 Best Self Tanner Award! The clear, ultra-fine mist goes on evenly, works at any angle, and dries in just minutes. In a few short hours, your naturally stunning tan develops. Erythrulose, a naturally occurring sugar in red raspberries works with actives to ensure that your tan develops (and fades) evenly and lasts longer. The signature formula features exclusive privet bloom scent and includes aloe vera and witch hazel to hydrate skin, making it ideal for use on face and body. The most flawless color is just a spray away – simply glow & go!


Code: 184573000800
How To Use

Firmly depress the dispenser to break the safety seal. Use two hands if needed.
Exfoliate skin first for best results
Cover hairline particularly if hair is white, grey, or lightly colored
Hold the can 10-12 inches from skin and mist
Apply to clean, dry skin, using caution around hairline, elbows, ankles, wrists
Apply a second time for a darker tan
Avoid contact with fabric and clothing until product has absorbed and is dry
Re-apply two to three times each week to maintain the tan

*If product pools or drips, use hands to massage product evenly on skin. Wash hands with soap and water.

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